Monday, 17 June 2013

How to make an easy screen print.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Any questions about the bits I've left out - please ask! xx


  1. This is amazing! I love the simplicity. Surely, it's not this simple. The only bit that confused me was the bit about the screen block and the removal of drawing fluid, probably because I've no concept on how screen printing does that bit work in a bit more detail?

  2. I'm a little confused because I can't see anything about the fabric medium or the acrylic paint - but I'm viewing it on my phone so might not be seeing everything ;-)

  3. I know - there just wasn't enough room to explain it in detail - probably needs 4 tutorials really! But I will try to explain. with a list!
    1. Draw your design with the drawing fluid and leave to dry, paint quite thickly.
    2. The screen block is a muddy paste. Put a big dollop on the inside of your screen and scrape an even, and fairly thin layer across the surface with a store card (or squeegy).
    3. Scrape of the excess off, on the outer side of your screen.
    4. Hold up to the light, then fill in any holes where the screen block has not got into.
    5. Leave to dry. You can use a hair dryer to speed this up.
    6. Carefully wash off the blue drawing fluid, with cold water and a little sponge.
    7. When it's dry you can dab on a little more screen block on any areas that need re filling.
    8. Make sure it's fully dry before you use.

  4. Ok Jo - What you have to do is mix equal amounts of fabric medium with the paint. xx

  5. Great thanks - it all makes sense now!

  6. nice idea....the net curtain and embroidery hoop!


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