Monday, 24 September 2012

The Make District

We had a stall at the weekend with The Make District ladies, a good day out and a chance to look at Little Lost Souls packaging!  She's made beautiful boxes - works of art in themselves,  to hold her new, hand made & printed, very stylish collars.

We've all been working on our packaging and have found an amazing amount of links for  BOX PATTERNS  - how did I not know about all these people out there making their own boxes? where have I been?
Jenny at Coo & Co who pointed me to this phenomenon, has also been buzzing away in her studio with new ideas and creations (and packaging!) I cannot wait to see what gorgeous things she's making.

We also met the lovely and talented Elizabeth Murray Jones who makes these brilliant broaches and illustrates a lovely zine, called Young Explorer. 

I can't decide whether I want to live in the house on stilts or the floating caravan.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Fabric Printing with The Make District

The Make District

'Oooh nice logo' I hear you say but who are The Make District ??
They are, the soon to be published author, designer, maker and screen printer -  Jenny Mccabe!
And talented painter, designer, maker and branding queen (yes she designed our logo)  - Lucy Pass! and me!        

Anyhow we have some exciting events  coming up!
Next Saturday the 22nd Sept we'll have a stall at
The Creative Market  in Lancaster.  We'll be there selling our wares and promoting our first...
Fabric Printing Workshop! - 29th September - Lancaster Library.
If you'd like to book a place then please take a look here  MAKE  for more info.

I have been practicing the technique that we'll be showing you.......

This design is an easy one but you could make it as complicated as you like. This method (top secret until after the workshop of course) is suitable for all levels of experience.

Also last week I was the Featured Artist on Folksy!! Which was very exciting indeed! Find out just how exciting it all was for yourself - read the full and real article right here...

Folksy Feature

Monday, 10 September 2012


My new plan for September is to write a blog every monday, so here I am wondering what to say???.. errrmmmmmm... Maybe once a week was a bit over egging things. 

Actually ( pppeeerrr-Ting! = the sound of an idea)  EGGS! That's it! Who has an abundance of eggs?? My lovely friend Sarah Coomer (chicken eggs, that is) 

Over the the summer she invited me, not only to stay in her groovy guest accommodation aluminium caravan, but also to infiltrate her very funny and informative,  Tom and Barbara  style blog with my own guest spot!
Here is just a glipmse of what I found in her cupboards. 
To find out what else happened take a look here -     chantscottage.blogspot

I have also decided to have a launch date for my new range of wares, OCTOBER the 1st!  This means I really have to crack on, and make them,  and think of a Brilliant name for it all,  and work out prices and wholesale prices and create a line sheet and crank up my professionalism!
But where can I find some free people and props to promote my wares and reflect my brand??
Here!                       And here!

Which is why I made this....

See you next week! xxx

Monday, 3 September 2012

Birds & bags the movie

The summer holidays are over. Vince went to school this morning in huge new shoes and I'm here compiling the summer into a blog.    This is what I did.
Firstly I made a stop animation film on my phone - poor quality and very bad sound editing because I haven't worked out how to do it properly yet. One day I will make a better version.

Secondly I went on holiday to Pembrokeshire where the wind and rain destroyed our tent and whatever love of camping I had, and Devon where the sun shone a bit.


Holiday inspiration included, some pebbles and the Castle gates at Haverford West.

Castle gates at Haverford West & pebbles at Beer

Thirdly I designed some new and exciting patterns which I will be making into bags, cards and prints in time for christmas so watch this space!


Diamond eggs
Protons & Cells