Monday, 10 September 2012


My new plan for September is to write a blog every monday, so here I am wondering what to say???.. errrmmmmmm... Maybe once a week was a bit over egging things. 

Actually ( pppeeerrr-Ting! = the sound of an idea)  EGGS! That's it! Who has an abundance of eggs?? My lovely friend Sarah Coomer (chicken eggs, that is) 

Over the the summer she invited me, not only to stay in her groovy guest accommodation aluminium caravan, but also to infiltrate her very funny and informative,  Tom and Barbara  style blog with my own guest spot!
Here is just a glipmse of what I found in her cupboards. 
To find out what else happened take a look here -     chantscottage.blogspot

I have also decided to have a launch date for my new range of wares, OCTOBER the 1st!  This means I really have to crack on, and make them,  and think of a Brilliant name for it all,  and work out prices and wholesale prices and create a line sheet and crank up my professionalism!
But where can I find some free people and props to promote my wares and reflect my brand??
Here!                       And here!

Which is why I made this....

See you next week! xxx


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