Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hi!   The sun is shining and I'm in-doors staring at this screen, I must do some work before I'm allowed outside! Is blogging work? Erm.. well it is today.
Right... quick... what's been happening?

1. I have joined forces with fellow makers of Lancaster Little Lost Soul and Coo & Co

It's very exciting as they are both brilliantly talented,  and we are planning a whole host of exciting projects together,  so watch out for...

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2. I have a new range of wares on the shops!


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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

hooray for my lovely mum and her creativity

My mum and I never 'do mothers day' but despite that I really wanted to pay her a bit of a trubite  because she's brilliant! She cannot stop sewing, knitting, walking, reading or making these beautiful embroidered pictures. Talented, inspiring and modest. (she asked me not to mention here name here!)