Thursday, 26 April 2012

Did I mention my website??

Oh yes!! I'm quite pleased - Strange Bird Designs now has a website - Hazzar!!


Monday, 16 April 2012

Grayson Perry is ace.

I've just finished reading Grayson Perry:  Portrait of the artist as a young girl. And now I want to write him a letter in a strange stalker-ish way and tell him I think he's great!  If I actually did - this is what I'd write....

Dear Grayson
Your book is brilliant and I couldn't put it down, we have soooo much in common did you know? I too have a tinkering dad from that older generation who can fix everything and a mum who chucked him out.
I also discovered a love for ceramics at a free evening class in London and went to art college in South West England.   And, I have been known to dress up in womens clothing!
Here is a little known fact : The year I graduated from Falmouth School of Art was the same year that the Tate in St Ives was built.  It was very exciting because Nick Serota (Mr Tate Gallery himself) came along to our ceremony and shook our hands. He made a speech about the importance fine art,  and suggested that the college elders should not let their heads be turned by the 'money arts' - like graphics and photography.  I was outraged that ceramics had not even been mentioned!!   When I received my certificate from him I said "Ceramics are important too you know" and ran quickly off stage.
My young-up-start-of-an-art-critic out pouring may well have had a huge affect on Mr Serota.
It is possible (I've sometimes thought) that this small moment was a major turning point in the history of British art!    Because in 2003 you won the Turner prize for your marvellous ceramics!!!

Kind Regards

Grayson Perry wins the Turner prize 2003

 The Walthamstow Tapestry by Grayson Perry.

Grayson Perry  on a Kenilworth AM1 motorcycle, with a shrine 
on the back for his teddy bear, whose inaugural voyage, Ten Days of Alan,
 takes them across Bavaria.
Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman