Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What to do?? A navel gazing post without pictures

    I have been pondering what to do with my business, well it's hardly a business - more of a thing.  I've been looking for answers, as you do, which way to go? What to focus on?  and there's so many possibilities it's driving me mental! I guess this is how religious beliefs start because I'm now looking for signs! Send me a sign!!       
    Anyway I just saw a dead duck in the canal, which made me think of how popular the dead-bird-thing is.  Are we killing of the bird as a popular symbol of freedom or something? Or is it just another way of looking at a bird??  From underneath or captured or dead. 
    My large question is – Is The Strange Bird dead?? Would it be more popular if it was??

    I was going to put all that on Facebook but it was getting too long and I’m terrified of being honest on Facebook , also it does sound slightly like I might be suicidal, I’m not by the way, (phew) but I may still kill off The Strange Bird.
     I’ve read in those ‘how to blog’ books that you need to write lists as they are great and people love them! I can’t think of anything more boring than reading other peoples lists but maybe I’m missing the point – maybe they don’t mean Wilkos shopping list?
   So just to see if lists are boring or not, here’s my list of possibilities which doesn't help at all it just makes me confused: 

1 Make bags?
2 Make Creature kits?
3 Make brooches?
4 Make all three?
5 Print tee shirts and get a market stall?
6 Get a pop up shop?
7 Organise workshops?
8 Go for fundraising to get some money to open a workshop for screen printing and sewing?
9 Do all eight!
10 Just do illustrations?
11 Write kids stories?
12 Carry on with the ‘How to do’ in the Making Saloon Blog?
13 See if I can get something published in a crafty magazine?
14 Forget it all and get a job back in catering?
15 Volunteer for something, somewhere other than catering?
16 Do a course at college?
17 Do a course on line?
18 Teach myself something new from books?
19 Move house?
20 Move to another country?
21 Arrggg!!!!

I’m now off to draw a dead Strange Bird to see if it makes me happy or not.


  1. This speaks to me ... I do this all the time ... what should I be doing? what will sell? what do I love? what makes me happy? what makes me money? how do I want to spend my time? what is 'lemon loves' all about? what is my 'image'? do i want an 'image'? can I sell anything without an 'image' ... focus or diversify? ... is it all worth it? You are not alone. However, I am not a fan of dead birds ... I like my birds twittering and flittering around my garden and in the tree-tops!
    I am thinking that I need to make myself a clear business plan, focus on key products, clarify my identity ... and then I never find the time. Maybe your list is the beginning of you finding the time to do just that ... it is a process, all the time we are testing avenues to see which one feels right ... there is never a wrong turning, or a bad decision ... there is only ever the process of finding what feels right. Good luck on your journey, and shout if you need a sounding board! :)

  2. Thanks Hilary, I keep thinking of that post you put up with Neil Gaiman, how he always keeps his sights on 'The Mountain.' The big mountain of happiness and success! Yey! xxx

    1. ... and the bit at the end where he reminds us to 'enjoy the journey'! That's often the bit that gets away!

  3. I like reading the lists of others. It makes me feel at home. But you need a new list...a list of things you'd like to do. These here are all well and good, but it's hard to get a sense of where your heart lies. No one was ever happy doing what they felt they should do.

    When you write down the things you actually want to do then which one makes you feel a little bit excited (if any)? Perhaps reconnecting with your motivations for getting in this game will help you refocus and find the passion again. I teach this to my PhD students - when times are hide you need to reassess what motivates you now. Sometimes we don't realise our motives have changed and are continuing to try and be motivated by something that doesn't speak to us anymore.

    On a pragmatic point. I loved your workshop and would like to do more :) learning is something timeless - it goes beyond trends. being able to impart passion in others is priceless.

    And I second Hilary, birds are better alive and tweeting :)

  4. Aw thanks Ruth, I wish I was one of your PHD students too now! Most of the things I do actually want to do! apart from go back to catering, but really I'll do anything if there's a hopeful glimmer of success in it!
    You may be pleased to know I will not taking the dead black bird on the way home as a sign (that's 2 in one day plus this blog!) And I think the answer might be just to do everything on the list! xxx


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