Monday, 15 October 2012

The Norwegian Jumper

Now that the nights are drawing in and the sun is low in the sky, the heating is on and the wooly hats are out, my thoughts are turning to winter holidays, skiiing in the Alps?  Christmas in a chalet in Switzerland? Tobogganing in Lapland?? Poppppeeeeeewwwwww.....
That is the sound of my bubble being burst when I remember that I'm not a sixties film star, Cary Grant is not my boyfriend and I've never been skiing in my life.

The fantasy.

The fantasy - drinking wine and eating fondue, and looking glamorous. Then heading for the piste for some amazing skiing without falling over drunk.

The reality -  the only time I've been to an exciting cold country was when I was five. (Yes I know it's cold here but it's not the same - this country is just sort of soggy.)

My family and me climbing a glacier!

We went camping in Norway which seems exciting now, but at the time I did not understand why we couldn't go somewhere hot and stay in a hotel! 
All I knew was that my dad wanted to drive the car up mountains and across fjords and see how it would deal with the hairpin bends. 
'The Volvo' as it was called.

And my Mum wanted to knit Norwegian jumpers.

Posing at the Artic Circle with our
hand knitted Norwegian jumpers on. 

The result of all this fantasy/reality stuff is this....... A new range of winter themed cards.

Red Hart & Snow Birds

(so as not to scare anyone  - in small print - they are actually christmas cards)

In the shops now!


  1. You are SO ahead of the curve. Knitwear is de rigeur at the mo, you know. They were talking about it on Women's Hour, in between some fascinating discussions on pastry and dishwashers (probably). Fashion folk have put two and two together and come up with the idea that jumpers are good for when it's, like, cold. Love these cards, Char, you busy bee. xxx PS I didn't know you could get Hipstagram in the 70s a-ho a-ho ho.

  2. Ha ha, I wonder if anyone thinks those kind of photos on yer Iphone have just been invented??


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