Monday, 8 October 2012

Modello Mondo official launch!!

Without further adoo...... trumpet noise   pah pa paaa  
and drum roll ( er.. don't know how to write that?) The Strange Bird New Range of Bags are officially launched in a kind of 1950's rocket of the future, to blast off on an exploration of the planet - who knows where they will land?? 

You can purchase any of these delicious bags  in my   
 Folksy  or   Esty   shops.

Protons & Cells



To celebrate all this,  and to help spread the Modello Mondo word(s)  we're having a GIVE AWAY!!! 

How to win this gorgeous purse? Just follow my Blog here,  and leave a comment. 
Your name will be entered into a prize draw and a name will be pulled from a rather nice hat on November 11th 2012.  


  1. shameless attempt to get free the new range x

  2. I think your new range looks absolutely fabulous, well done you. I will be putting some of these on my Christmas list.


  3. Love those snippy snappy purses! How big are they? They look quite big (which is a good thing. And (piff paff puff!) you know when you made quince cheese? Where in byjingo did you get the quinces?!

  4. Ho Sarah , you need to bear in mind that the model who's modelling the purse is quite small about the size of my kettle, so the purse looks rather big in this picture! Here is what you could fit inside the clippy purse- A naked IPhone , some keys, some cash, some cards. Yes I will be adding some little pockets to the next batch!
    And as for quinces - I got them from my garden! Zero on the tree this year though. Xxx


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