Monday, 3 October 2011

Papa's got a brand new peg bag!

Hello! This is my proto-type for the Brand New Peg Bag, and the weather's been so nice that it's been quite exciting to actually use it!
Made from an old linen table cloth which my mum found in the charity shop, and lined with black fleece to keep the pegs cosy (why I feel the need to keep my pegs cosy - I don't know?) I have a pile cut out and ready to sew, with a slightly bigger pocket than this for more pegs! What do you think?

I've also made another proto-type, a bag. A shopping bag? a shoulder bag? I'm not quite sure what to call it, but I like it and I hope to get a few made in time for the 4 christmas fairs that we've signed up to do.
The button is in fact a badge/brooch - all of which will be in our shops at some point soon -ish.....


  1. oh someones been busy!!!! the bag both look great! very stylish xxx

  2. nice! x from Jamie

  3. look fab and like that you've added one of your lovely buttons on the bag. Would look good too with a co-ordinating blue, green or orange colour, endless possibilities ;o) x
    What about cards with buttons or a broach on, people always love to give cards that work as a gift too. Could be a bunch of 3 flowers or even just one saying happy birthday, thanks etc ;o)

  4. all good ideas! Thanks Jax! Am going to do a give away soon ish with a card plus badge and buttons... x

  5. Love the bags! I am sure that they'll go like hot cakes!


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