Monday, 19 September 2011

I've decided to sack the cartoon staff, although I love them I simply cannot be them anymore, as it's making me feel a slightly bonkers!.

Been raining here for about 2 months, non stop, which is good weather for staying in and making things, and I need to make loads!!   So today I have been mostly making button - and here for you, if your interested, is how it's done.

Print designs onto heat transfer paper and cut out.
Iron onto twill cotton fabric and cover the buttons!

I have also been printing my illustrations onto cards but am frustrated with the quality of recycled card - why is the printing so grainy??

Ah well, off to school now - in the rain with a supply of biscuits to help Vince home (hopefully avoiding any tired tantrums).

I will soon be doing a Give Away! so watch this space.


  1. What lovely stuff. Nice picture to be greeted by! Thanks for saying hello on my blog. Sorry to be slow to respond...I've been away again to Wales this time. No doubt will be writing about that soon too!

  2. I LOVE the buttons, fab colours and designs! And no nice to meet the real person behind the bonkers staff ;o)

  3. Thanks Jax, Just felt a bit shy before - hence the staff. Plus I thought it was vaigly funny, but better, I think to just be myself. Thank for liking the buttons.

  4. Isn't it weird how we feel shy when no one can see us, took a while for me to feel comfy writing on my blog, best just to be your self ;D x


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