Monday, 25 July 2011

One Aardvark On My Knee

 When the Strange Bird muse was born I had a certain amount of time on my hands in between feeds, nappies and sleeping. I was also desperate for another project to relieve me from the baby boredom!  I decided to write and illustrate a book.
   So for 3 years I drew  pictures while my baby slept. It's a counting book for babies and toddlers - I sent copies off to  agents but it was completely rejected, fair enough I thought, I am a nobody after all.  Plan B - I thought, try to become a somebody with an amazingly, interesting life, modern and glamourous, with just one huge eye and an arty business.   Strange Bird Designs was born.

Anyway who needs things published when you can buy my illustrations on Etsy and Folksy! Only ten quid a pop, and the rhyme - you can just have, to lull your little lovelies to sleep.

This is the book:


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