Friday, 29 July 2011

Last Christmas.......

Yorik Haverbreaks-Hornpipe here. I haven't been sewing much this year but
last year I sewed my socks off for the Green Christmas Fair and the Storys Xmas Vintage and Craft Fair.
I made tea cosies and coffee cosies, bags and alien toys.

We spent quite a lot of cash on getting some greetings cards printed which did/do NOT sell well!

My sewn things sold though,  and a big  'Cheers Mrs!!'  and credit  to Sarah C. who suggested we sell the pictures from the book, which worked out brilliantly!
High on sales and pound signs flashing in our eyes, we opened an Etsy shop,
and nothing sold.

MY ANALYSIS:  Our stuff is not modern enough and the pictures need to fit in A4 frames. Everything is too brightly coloured!   I passed this complex and  indepth analysis over to Boris.

Hello this is me - Boris Beardy Snodgrass - accounts and research

After many nights of mulling this info over I totted up some figures and  researched a bit of design and prints from the 1950's,  because that's what everyone is into at the moment, post war austerity measures and the Festival of Britain and all that.

I found the work of the lovely John Piper - 

and the fantastic Charley Harper !

And the marvelous and  very nowOrla Kiely

Then we bought some linen fabric and some iron-on transfer paper, and  drew and doodled and faffed about.


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