Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bespoke home illustrations

Hello lovely people! The sun is shinning and the park is calling,  
"Charlotte!  Get Vinces scooter and go to the park now!" and I shout back 
"Yes alright! in a minute I just have to write a quick Blog!!" 
So here it is!

I love Houses!
When I was a kid the things I loved to draw where triangle girls with giant hair doo's and idilic, symmetrical houses surrounded by picket fences.

Loads of my best and loveliest memories over the years, are set in family and friends homes. I have no happy memories of giant hair doo's though, so my plan is to draw homes rather than triangle girls.

The first is 'Long Gardens' which is packed full of lazy summer memories, friends, music, lots of larking about, swimming in the river, long drinks and delicious food!

So once you have had your happy home immortalised in pen and framed on your wall,  you could have your illustration made into wall paper! or printed onto fabric and made into curtains or cushion covers!! with the magic of Spoonflower!

Or, inspired by my dads drawing from the 70's ( see below)  

You could have some book plates made! 


  1. thanks hon! Imagine having your favourite house plastered all over the inside of your favourite home! (appologies for the huge space between my blog and the comments box!) xx

  2. I too think this is a super lovely idea. At the moment if my house's exterior was plastered over the interior I'd probably run screaming down the road (it's still a mess) but as a general idea for those with, like, not falling down houses I say hurrah. In about forty three years I maybe in a position to commission you myself. xxx PS apology accepted. Blogger formatting - it's great, isn't it?

  3. Ooh I think your house would make a super illustration and wall paper Sarah! xx


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