Monday, 4 March 2013

Spring give-away time!

Things are hotting up out side and here at the Strange Bird Department of design.

1. I have officially finished re - making my website after weeks of confusion over what it is that I do!
( I know all the business manuals say 'just stick to one thing - and be an expert in that'  which sounds gloriously simple but my brain thrives on confusion! )

So here it is! The Website!

And to celebrate its arrival  Everyone who signs up for   The Strange Bird Newsletter    before the 11th March will receive a 25% OFF coupon in the first newsletter!!        Hoorah -  What a bargain!

Just click on the 'SUBSCRIBE' button down the side here, or on the website.

2. If that wasn't enough excitement I'm also GIVING AWAY my first ever Crepe de chine silk scarf!
Just pip over to the Facebook page to find out more.


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