Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Triple-Bill.

It's been quite, damp, dark and cold round here for some time,  but I have been secretly busy,  drawing and planning - usually with the duvet and hot water bottle close by.
Anyway (with a big Bagpuss style yawn) it seems that all that winter malarky is over  - there are buds on the trees crocuses in the garden and even sunshine! And now I can reveal some of what I've been making during the long hibernation.
Inspiration came from a set of six shot glasses I bought from the charity shop - bargain!

I love and admire this deer sooo much, I may well have accidently on purpose, taken his stylish antlers for my own birds, but in homage to him and his rare beauty I have elevated them to museum status by arranging them on plinths. Here - The Triple-Bill.

    Also available in bell jars.

    And as brooches.

  Illustrations and brooches will be available in my Esty shop soon.

COMING SOON! i.e. next week - the exciting launch of my re-made website with discounts and fanfares and everything! Don't miss it!


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