Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Make & Sew Yourself a Creature

Introducing my latest creation... The Creature Kit!

Strange Monster & Strange Owl

Each creature comes unmade, in a box with instructions. All you have to do is make it!
When you've finished you can send a photo of your creature right here to me and
I'll put it in The Gallery, which is also right here!

I'm just waiting for the boxes to arrive before these lovelies hit the shops! I will also be posting helpful photos of the creatures being made, and other useful tip-top tips that you may need.


  1. I LOVE these, Charlotte... Bagsie me three!

  2. Excellent!!! I will let you know when the boxes are ready. Hope all's well down there now that the 3rd winter this year has set in! xxx

  3. I need to order 1 of each please, just let us know when we can order xxxx


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