Friday, 3 February 2012

The Birds on Bikes Collection

Hi all
I have finally got all my last years designs in the folksy and etsy shops, hooray. Take a look and treat yourself to a peg bag!    One day I hope to get next seasons designs in the shops before it's over!


I've lived by the canal in Lancaster for 10 years and that means, according to the Pendle witches story, I can now leave without being struck down by a curse.
But I like it here (and so does my family!) and the canal can be inspiring despite the mess - as documented by Jamies facebook page

Sometimes a heron stands like a statue next to the tow path, we've named him Harold. (The ducks are all called Duckie & Splatty and all the swans are all Dr Swan).
Occasionally a cormorant sits in the water looking lost and out of place, blown over from Morecambe bay.
Anyway I thought I should attempt drawing some real birds, on bikes!  Cycling along the canal with the wind behind them,  much like the people of Lancaster do.

I'm very happy with Harold the Heron on his Cruiser, but the others are going back to the drawing board along with the next addition - Moorhen on a balance bike.

I'm quite excited about them!!

Greeting cards

framed print
Cusion cover (45cm x 30cm)

Cusion cover (45cm x 45cm)

Hope you like them! xxx


  1. Those cushions are gorgeous! Excellent work! Loving Jamie's facebook page too - there really are some right rotters about aren't there?! Glad they haven't managed to frighten off the birdies though :)
    x x x

  2. HI Charlotte, I am doing a report for Heronsbridge School (Special Needs school in Bridgend, S Wales) and they are looking to set up a bike recycling project for their pupils and others. I did a search for heron on a bike and found this blog. Marvellous. Would it be OK to use your design just for the front cover of the report? Many thanks,

    (my blogspot is


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