Friday, 9 September 2011

Bearwolf (Spadeflax) Johnson - Folk singing legend

     Too bittle my pretty Spotted Spadeflax
      Too bittle, too bittle
      Spade up for battle
      Undo your plots nettles
      Pull up ladies mantles
      And sew - the Spotted Spadeflax.

      Too bittle, too bittle
      Your salad’s too subtle
      Fettle your lentils
      Fill up your yottle
     And serve at the table
     A Bindle

     Too bittle, too bittle
     Empty tins rattle
     But I hear my spleen chortle
     Now bulgar’s for rental
     Spread lovely petals
     Through flowery portals
     Too bittle, too bittle my pretty.

Hey ho, Boris here, I'm thrilled to say that there's news here at Planet Strange Bird,  and a mid-century, knicker pink tinge of excitement has filled the office. 

Some time ago while I was researching for our Strange Bloom range I came across a reference  to an ancient folk song all about the Spadeflax bloom in a 16th Century cook book called
'Mable Muddlewaters Country Kitchen' which mentions the Spotted Spadeflax as being widely used in
a farm workers favourite sandwich filler - Bindle Salad.
The song was 'Too bittle my pretty spotted spadeflax"

The Bindle Salad was so delicious that a song was written in its honour and my Granny, Constance Clearwater says she can remember being lulled to sleep by it. 

Now if you think that's exciting, wait,  there's more. 
In the late 1950's the songs revival spread amongst the British beatnik poets, and it was adopted by the groovy folk singing legend -  Bearwolf Johnson who brought it back to life and his tune hit the pop charts at number 115! 

So here for the first time in ages we have the songs lyrics and a picture of  Bearwolf (Spadeflax) Johnson - as he was later known.
 love from Boris Beardy Snodgrass


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