Monday, 26 November 2012

Creature Kit Help Desk

This is the Make & Sew yourself a Creature Help Desk.
So you have your kit and instructions, but you're a bit stuck, well you've come to the right place! 

These photos should help with the tricky bit on page 5 of your instruction booklet. 
After you have sewn around your creature from point A to B, open out the seams at the bottom corners.

Then sew across each corner from points 2 -> 2 and points 3 -> 3 (the numbers are not marked on the backing fabric - you could draw a line across with a ruler if that helps)

Carefully turn your creature inside out and stuff with your stuffing. Use the base shape - stuck on to card and cut out. Slot it into the base. Carefully sew up the opening by hand. 
Your creature is now complete! Hooorahh!! 

Every creature made will be BRILLIANT and DIFFERENT! I love them all!!
So give them a name and send me a photo of Him / Her / It.  
And I'll put them up in The Gallery 

You can send them here...Thegallery@Strangebirddesigns


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